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Words Alone Are Never Enough

Your pets are the cutest, and of course you want photos of them to post online or just have around the house!

However, whether they stay still or bounce around, pets are a tricky subject for photography. You have to work with the pet to get them to look at the camera, and you have to be quick when you're taking photos!

Hold the camera out to the animal for a good sniff. Anytime an animal sees something new, it's going to be curious, especially cats. Let the animal take a moment to give the camera a good sniff all over, so they will be less likely to do so in the middle of your photo shoot.

If you're not photographing your own pet, let the animal give you a good sniff as well, so they are more comfortable in the session.

Discover how to capture the perfect photo of your furry friend with these expert tips. 'Your pets are the cutest' and deserve stunning photographs!

Get them used to the flash and shutter sound. Sometimes, the flash will freeze an animal in place for a second, which can be good if you're trying to get a still shot. However, both the shutter sound and flash can distract the animal enough to ruin the shot, so take a few shots just so they can get used to that part of the camera.

Try shooting a couple of shots towards the ceiling so the animal can hear the shutter sound and see the flash.

Rather than our specializing in one or two styles of photography we keep the creative doors open to many types and styles of capturing images. We practice the art and craft of light; about understanding the tools of photography and using them well; about perception, lighting and the ability to capture an image that catches a client's attention.

We do not place limits our photography, uniqueness, professionalism or enthusiasm.


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