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Stairways to photo heaven

Staircases are often narrow and dark, and because the walls have different angles than the typical wall, they present unique challenges which often lead to people neglecting this space in their home. But don’t be discouraged, decorating a staircase is easier than you think! Here are some ideas for arranging pictures in your stairway.

When you’re arranging pictures in your stairway, choosing a theme can help pull all the individual pieces of art together, creating one larger masterpiece. Having a theme doesn’t mean you need to have everything uniform with the exact same colours and sizes, although that’s okay too! Here are a few themed ideas you can consider, depending on your decor style and preferences.

  • Same frames, different sizes, different photos. If you have a variety of different photos you’d like to display—black and white, colour, pets, family, vacation photos, etc. arranging them in the same type of frames will help pull them all together.

  • Different frames, similar photos. If you’d like to mix and match your photo frames, try sticking with a theme for the actual pictures themselves. For example, all black and white images, photos of just your pets, nature photos, or images from a family vacation.

  • Same frames, same sizes, same photos. If you prefer crisp, clean lines when displaying wall art, using the same frames with the same sizes and similar photos may appeal to you.

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