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Pure Essence of Creativity

Are you looking for something a little different?

Looking for photography that goes beyond the traditional smile and say cheese?

We are true artists and will work with you to design a shoot that best suits your style and personality and adding a little of our creative touch mixed with the perfect lighting, We will give you the most memorable and unique images that will last a life time. 

Choose a location for photography in Maple Ridge [ or elsewhere ] in natures photography studio. If you have a special event coming up and need a photographer, we’ve got you covered as well.

Pets are part of the family! Create amazing memories with your fur family members in natures studio.

We excel in working with pets and animals and will ensure that your furry friends are at ease and content during the photoshoot.

We will capture your pets’ cheeky grins and unique personalities leaving you with beautiful images you will love. No pet is too big or too small for mother nature's studio! We can photograph dogs, cats, rabbits, lizards, guinea pigs, chickens, and more.

Book your photo session today!

Unleash the pure essence of creativity with Photography: The Essence of Creativity. Let us capture your unique style and personality in memorable images.

Event Photography is about capturing people and their connection at events. Photography at events requires a very broad skill set.

Every photograph tells a story of your event in the most in-depth detail. We capture subtle details, outlining the best parts of your event. 

Capturing the emotions of often several hundred people over the day or sometimes over several days.

Whether it is a team-building exercise or an award ceremony, our event photographers are sure to capture every detail at the right time!

That’s why we continue to be one of the most trusted professional photographers in British Columbia Canada.


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