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Titans Lens Photography are photographers in the Maple Ridge and Pitt Meadows in British Columbia Canada

We believe the way to get the best photos from a camera is to do it correctly from the beginning of each session. Yet there is an idea that one does not need to devote much effort when you have the computer to help. This idea has sometimes reached almost unreal proportions. A number of years ago, a digital photography article in a major news magazine said software was available that would automatically transform amateur photos into photographs that would rival the best of a professional photographer.

That software never existed, nor will it, because good photography has always been about the art and craft of light; about understanding the tools of the photography and using them well; and about perception, lighting and the ability to capture a photograph that catches an audience's attention and communicates a subject or subjects well.

Digital photography is still photography.

Titans Lens photographers offer the following photographic services in the Maple Ridge and Pitt Meadows regions of BC.

Titans Lens are photographers in the Maple Ridge and Pitt Meadows region of BC.

  • ​Portraits - family and pets

  • Commercial

  • Pet photography

  • Fashion / modelling portfolios

  • Sessions & photoshoot pics

  • Headshots

  • Family photographers

  • Special Events

  • Corporate publications

  • Fantasy Art Photos

  • Real Estate MLS Photography Services

  • Vibrant black and white photos

In photography the absence of light means the absence of any quality picture. A well lit subject is the aim of any photographer. Lighting styles are therefore employed to make sure that such a goal is achieved. There are numerous ways through the desired lighting techniques can be achieved. In photography, the angle at which the light hits a subject is crucial. Therefore a photographer will make sure that light angles on the subject are at their very best, and this involves the placing of lights at certain angles in relation to the subject,

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