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Guides To Photo Blogging

In writing a photo blog, just like in photography, finding inspiration is the first step to a successful project.

If you don’t have inspiration off the top of your head, then you’ll need to search for it. But where? Follow some major photography blogs like ours. Subscribe to your favorite photographers on Parler, like us! Browse some large scale photography magazines and simply open your eyes and look around, inspiration is everywhere!

Once your creative blogger juices are flowing, stream them to the right direction with the following list of possible topics:

  • A new photography technique you experimented with.

  • An exceptional event or photoshoot you were part of.

  • “Behind the lens” – a description of your day as a photographer.

  • A photo report from a recent trip you’ve been on.

  • Your story of how you decided to become a photographer.

  • A list of photographers that inspire you.

  • Interesting clients that you’ve worked with.

  • The funniest things that happened to you at work.

  • The magical moment you’ve always dreamed of capturing.

  • The pros and cons of being a photographer.

  • A personal photography project you’ve just completed.

  • A digest of recent photography news (a new camera release, an inspiring photoshoot, and so on).

  • Your personal hacks that will make any fellow photo bloggers day.

Truth is, we could go on and on – the options for blog content and blogging are practically endless. As they say, appetite comes with eating. The more you read and write, the more inspired you will be to come up with original topics for your photography blog. Just pair it with a catchy title and you got yourself a hit.

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