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Capture Moments That Captivate Hearts

As event photographers serving the regions near Maple Ridge, we take photos at your corporate, private or charity event. We attend international conferences and forums, congresses, workshops, fairs and exhibitions, gala dinners and award ceremonies.

We have experience in the field of event photography, which ranges from private parties to international events and conferences.

Vancouver Sun Article May 2024:

We capture photos at all the stages of your event: the conference rooms, the arriving guests, the welcome and keynote speeches and the reactions to them, as well. We also make individual portraits of the speakers and their connection with the attendees, we take detail photos, including company logos, and the presentations themselves.

Discover the magic of professional event photography. Let us capture moments that captivate your heart and create lasting memories.

With exciting and moody photos of the event you can relive the experience. Professional event photos can also contribute to your company’s success. By using these photos you can share your impressions with the world in form of press photos or through social media and also give memories to the guests or acquire new sponsors.


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