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Artistic Joys of Capturing Natural Scenes

Nature and Art Photography

What feeds our heart and our art are the untouched, open spaces in nature. These are places where we find respite and restoration and feels connected to something larger than ourselves. The open space that encourages us to breathe deeply, look closely and listen intently to the roar of the ocean or the silence of the forest; the natural landscapes that speak of ever changing seasons and reminds me of our own cycles that are part of this ongoing, remarkable transformation.

Experience the enchanting beauty of British Columbia through the lens of a passionate photographer. Explore the Artistic Joys of Capturing Natural Scenes.

We seek places like this every day as I hike our coast line and mountain trails, capturing photographs of our beautiful British Columbia terrain and bringing them back to my studio as inspiration for my art.

It is our hope that these images will carry you away for a time… and in that moment, you will catch a glimpse of the mystery and magic and peace inside yourself.


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